Repairing of Roof of one wing of the Quadrangle

Project Overview

Quadrangle is the centre of secondary students at Jaffna College. This pleasant building houses the class rooms, lecture halls and science labs, and have made indelible marks in the students who through the portals of Jaffna College. While the Quadrangle which is over many decades old continues to serve the students, the roofs of the building are in a dilapidated stage and are badly in need of repairing. The roof needs a completed overhaul.

We the alumnus who studied at JC during the period 1970 – 1983 have initiated this project to repair and rehabilitate the roof one wing of the Quadrangle – the wing facing the Brown field.

Project Team
Mr. Sithamparapillai, Mr. Sahadevan and Mr. Thiruthanikainathan
|Primary Lead:

Budget: Rs. 1,291,950.00
Fund Mobilized so far: Rs. 973,020.00

List of Donors

Name Amount (LKR)
Mr. Sahadevan  100,000.00
Mr. Sitamparapillai  100,200.00
Mr. Thiruthanikainathan  100,000.00
Mr. S.Mohanraj  100,545.00
Mr. Muresh  200,000.00
Mr. Kumar  51,275.00
Mr. Daniel Jeyaseelan  50,000.00
Mr. K. Katpahan  50,000.00
Mr. Kandasamy family  50,000.00
Mr. Bala Murukan  50,000.00
Mr. Sivashankar  100,000.00
Total 973,020.00
Balance fund Needed 318,000.00

Financial Management

The finance will be managed through a separate bank account maintained by the Jaffna College Alumni of Colombo.

Payments are made either on supplier invoices duly certified by the project primary lead.

Upon his/ her approval, the cheque is prepared by the Treasurer and the signatories of the cheque are President, Secretary andTreasurer of the Alumni for the concerned year.

Expenses incurred so far

Name Particulars Amount (LKR)
MYL Construction and Engineering, Jaffna Advance payment for commencement of Roof work 600,000.00
Total   600,020.00

Project Implementation Schedule

No. Activity Duration Status
1 Site visit and Confirmation of Needs 1 week Completed – Mr. Thiruthanikai visited Jaffna College for the site survey.
2 Preparation of Bill of quantities 1 week Completed
3 Selection of Contractor 1 week Completed – Quotations were taken from two contractors from Jaffna. MYL Construction & Engineering, Jaffna was selected as the contractor to carry out the work.
4 Discussion with selected contractor and agree on mile stones 1 week Completed
5 Advance payment Completed
6 Inspection of work completed in Stage 1, reconcile with invoices, receipts, etc.
7 Payment for Stage 1
8 Inspection of work completed in final Stage, reconcile with invoices, receipts, etc.
9 Payment for final Stage
10 Project Handover

Before the Repair work is commenced


During the Repair

After the Repair work is completed

Detailed Bill of Quantities