Jaffna College Alumni Association of Ontario (JCAAO)

Birth and evolution of JCAAO: The JCAAO was established in 1986 at the initiation of Rohan Alphonsus together with the late Major Kandiah Ratnam and the late Professor Balan Selliah, with the view to preserve and carry forward the fine traditions of JC and to strengthen the connection between the alumni at home and aboard. Over the last thirty-five years, it has grown from childhood to adulthood with a vibrant presence in North America and has expanded its membership substantially. Furthermore, a Constitution setting out the purpose, mandate, goals, membership, and governance requirements for the Association has been amended in July 2000.

The Association serves the alumni by organizing events to strengthen fellowship among alumni members and foster a stronger connection between alumni and Jaffna College. The JCAAO also engages in fundraising events to support the needs of our students and college where appropriate.

Each year, four very popular social events take place:

  • Annual dinner-dance (Old Golds Nite) either in the Fall/Winter season. Sometimes, it is combined as a fundraising event too.
  • Summer Picnic is held annually in combination with our sister school Uduvil Girls College Alumni at which several sporting events and fellowship lunch are organized.
  • Battle of the Golds cricket match with St Patrick College Alumni started in 1994 played annually but on hold for twelve years and restarted again in 2015 and being continued regularly.
  • Annual combined Carol Service of Jaffna College and Uduvil Girls’ College Alumni held every December.