The Jaffna College Alumni Association was established at Vaddukoddai in July 1879 for the purpose of promoting a strong relationship between Jaffna College and the students who studied there. This Alumni Association is considered one of the oldest alumni associations in Sri Lanka. The main objectives of this association include the following:
  • To promote the moral, intellectual and social welfare of its members;
  • To promote unity and co-operation among its members;
  • To promote the physical and mental well-being of its members;
  • To promote and foster a close and cordial relationship between the members and the College, i.e. the administrators, the academic and non-academic staff of the College and students;
  • To support the administration of Jaffna College, the Board of Directors of Jaffna College and the Trustees of Jaffna College Funds in making Jaffna College a self-determining Protestant Christian educational institution that upholds participatory democracy, transparency, inclusiveness, social justice, local development and diversity in an ecofriendly manner;
  • To build healthy relations with the parents and guardians whose children attend Jaffna College and explore the possibilities of collaborating with them in organizing and conducting activities that aim to contribute to the development of Jaffna College;
  • To foster productive relations with the local communities that Jaffna College serves;
  • To cultivate constructive relations with the various public authorities that support and cooperate with Jaffna College;
  • To undertake and carry on all such activities as may appear necessary to attain the aims and objectives of the Association.
The Jaffna College Alumni Association is responsible for conducting the election for the post of Alumni Representative to the Board of Directors of Jaffna. Its meetings take place at Jaffna College, Vaddukoddai. The Principal of the College by virtue of office is the Patron of this Association.

Executive Committee of the Jaffna College Alumni Association – 2019/2020

No Name Address Telephone Number Email
1 Dr. R. Prasanthan (President) Vaddu East, Vaddukoddai. 0776654321  
2 Dr. A. Kaneswaran (Vice President) Dutch Road, Periyavilan, Ilavalai, Jaffna. 0772042863


3 Mr. A. Jeyakumar (Vice President) Moolai Road, Moolai, Chulipuram. 0770725067  
4 Ms. J. Paheerathan (Vice President) Old Dispensary Lane, Vaddu South-West, Vaddukoddai. 0771040870  
5 Mr. S. J. Niroshan (Vice President) College Lane, Vaddukoddai 0772487297  
6 Dr. M. Thiruvarangan (Secretary) Vaddu South-West, Vaddukoddai. 0777149231  
7 Mr. K. Sathees (Treasurer) Eenchady,Suthumalai North, Manipay. 0779587712
8 Mr. P. Srikuhan (Manager, Old Golds) Moolai Road, Vaddukoddai. 0770762378  
9 Mr. M. Theleepan Moolai Road, Vaddukoddai. 0778590544
10 Mr. G. Gokilaramanan Iththiyadi Kovil Square, Vaddu South-West, Vaddukoddai. 0776770474  
11 Mr. V. Mohanathas Siva Illam, New Chemmany Road, Nallur North, Kalviyangadu. 0771271299  
12 Mr. R. Dineshkumar Arasady Road, Vadaliyadaippu, Pandatheruppu. 0773700662
13 Mr. M. Sithamparanathan College Lane, Vaddukoddai. 0778589215  
14 Ms. B. Nishanthini Main Street, Vaddukoddai 077083413, 0710834132 (whatsapp)

15 Ms. K. Tharany Pankuru Lane, Vaddu South-West, Vaddukoddai 0771270421  
16 Mr. S. Jeyamohan Araly Centre, Vaddukoddai 0772370184  
17 Mr. T. Suganthan Iyanar Veethi, Sandilipay 0768722778


18 Mr. R. Kugan Jaffna College, Vaddukoddai 0779123670
19 Ms. G. N. Muthurajah Jaffna College, Vaddukoddai 0776909048